Hussey, E.S.
Treatment of Intermittent Central Supression Using ERAC

Intermittent central suppression (ICS) is a repetitive loss of sensation in central vision that occurs in the absence of strabismus and amblyopia. We used electronic rapid alternate occlusion to treat the ICS of 10 students enrolled in a Job Corp�s residential educational program. The location of the program is remote from my office. We performed vectographic examinations on each student to diagnose and classify the ICS. The students also completed a College of Optometrists Quality of Life Questionnaire (QOL) before and after the therapy. The group�s average lessening of frequency of ICS was 76%: The QOL scores tended to improve with the improvement in ICS. The students� and their teachers� subjective responses gave evidence that there were positive changes in reading and performance after the therapy.