The Optometric Extension Program (OEPF) Clinical Development Committee has some responsibilities for all OEPF lectures. It is responsible for semi annual reports to the OEPF board of directors and has direct communication links with the OEPF Education Director. The CDC chair is responsible for keeping the director of education of the OEPF board informed of activities of this committee and to use this avenue for guidance in CDC decision making.

  • The CDC chair is an appointed position by the OEPF board of directors. They are responsible for communication with designated board members and with designated OEPF professional staff.
  • The CDC chair is responsible for calling meetings as necessary for conducting the business of the committee and is also responsible for the makeup and the number of the committee members.
  • CDC is responsible for the initial budgeting, initial financial oversight, initial policy development, policy enforcement, and scheduling of the Clinical Curriculum series of lectures.
  • CDC is responsible for the development of the initial financial and logistic arrangements of all new OEPF lecture opportunities.
  • CDC is responsible for the initial creation, management and policy enforcement of the OEPF speaker development program.
  • CDC is responsible for helping OEPF Congresss, which are independent organizations, by offering support for successful meeting time frames and seminar management ideas, speaker and topic ideas, speaker development evaluations and feedback. All are optional choices for Congress chairs and committees to ask for or by default decline.
  • CDC Committee is responsible for initial oversight and management of the Regional Clinical Seminar (RCS) Program. This includes support and initial selection of regional RCS chairpersons, approval of all RCS speakers, active involvement in all RCS budget and financial matters, meeting management support and continuous mandatory speaker development participation.
  • CDC is responsible for the initial development of all aspects of the Foundation course for visual therapists.