The information provided in the links below outline many of the tangible benefits that you will receive from your investment – the unique quarterly publications, the discounted registration at all our education offerings, your practice information listed on our global "Find an Optometrist" page, and more!
Your enrollment in OEPF goes beyond the tangible benefits you receive directly.  It makes you part of a "family" of thousands of Clinical Associates worldwide who continue to advance human progress through research and education on vision, the visual process, and optometric clinical care.  We work tirelessly to connect you with these colleagues, provide one of a kind continuing education experiences, facilitate access to research within the profession, and overall support your unique profession! The OEP Foundation has been providing these benefits for almost 90 years!
Enrollment Information & Forms
Below are PDF versions of our enrollment form, letter, and information packet. This information details the types of enrollment you can select, how your support helps the Foundation, what our goals are for this upcoming year, as well as some details about the tangible benefits included in enrollment. The enrollment form is provided for you to print out and mail or fax back to us with payment for processing. 
You can always call us at 410-561-3791 if you have any questions, we are happy to discuss the enrollment options and benefits with you as well as answer any questions about our courses, events, products, publications, etc. 
2015 Enrollment Benefit Publications
-- OEP Heritage Series: Interview with Irwin Suchoff by Paul Harris, OD (posted online March 2015)
-- Vision Therapy: Success Stories from Around the World, Volume 1 by Marc Taub (June 2015)
-- Optometric Vision Therapy - The Need in Minority Populations by James Washington, OD MPA (September 2015)
-- Selected Papers on Acquired Brain Injury by Ken Ciuffreda (October 2015)
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