Lens Power in Action by Robert A. Kraskin
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By Robert A. Kraskin, OD

Reformatted and Edited by Paul A. Harris, OD and Gregory Kitchener, OD

This classic series by Dr. Kraskin, originally published by OEP in 2 volumes from 1981 to 1983, has been revised and reformatted into a single volume. The behavioral concept of vision "recognizes that the critical element involved in the control and altering of behavior is a lens," wrote Kraskin in the original Introduction to "Lens Power in Action." Lenses are the basic tool for the optometrist who practices behavioral vision care. Kraskin gives the reader a thorough overview of how optometrists use lenses to treat and prevent vision problems.

Softbound, 163 pages. Copyright, OEP Foundation, @ 2003