Outsmarting Austism
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By Patricia S. Lemer

Whether you are new to the world of autism, are familiar with treatment options, or are a veteran who has “been there, done that,” this book is for you! Discoveries about possible etiologies and promising therapies are emerging so quickly that you are sure to learn something new. Outsmarting Autism guides you step-by-step with practical information from a variety of fields that families, specialists, and educators can put to use immediately.

STEP 1: Take Away the Bad Stuff, and Add Back the Good Stuff 

Clean up the environment • Eat, sleep, and drink smarter 

Boost the immune system • Balance hormones • Detoxify 

STEP 2: Correct Foundational Issues 

Remove structural impediments • Integrate reflexes 

STEP 3: Address Sensory Problems 

Improve sensory processing • Develop vision 

STEP 4: Focus on Communicating, Interacting, and Learning 

Build language • Concentrate on social-emotional skills 

Learn to read, write, and calculate • Use technology 

STEP 5: Plan for the Future 

Transition to independence • Prevent autism from conception
Author, Patricia S. Lemer, is a licensed professional counselor with over 40 years’ experience advocating for families of children with special needs. She is passionate about determining underlying causes of developmental delays, and not just treating symptoms. She discourages labeling and specializes in combining developmentally appropriate practice with sound theory. Ms. Lemer is a cofounder of the nonprofit Developmental Delay Resources, and Board Chair of Epidemic Answers. Her previous book, EnVISIONing a Bright Future, was published in 2008 and is also available through the OEP Foundation.