Bastien Memorial Awards Honorees

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Professional Status: Nominees must be licensed optometrists in good standing.
  • Membership: Nominees should be clinical associates of OEPF or affiliated with an organization that aligns with OEPF’s mission.
  • Contribution to the International Community: Nominees should have demonstrated significant international contributions to the field of optometry, specifically in behavioral optometry, vision therapy, or related areas.

Donald J. Getz, OD
Harry Wachs, OD
Robert B. Sanet, OD
Edwin R. Howell, PhD
Stefan Collier W.C. Maples, OD
John W. Streff, OD
Albert A. Sutton, OD
Paul A. Harris, OD
Benoit Lombaerts
Graham Peachey
Caroline Hurst
Bob Hohendorf, O.D.
Glen Steele, O.D.
Keith Holland
Steen Aalberg
Jeff and Marion Kraskin
Bill Padula
Pilar Vergara, Spain Marc Taub
Adrian Bell, Australia

Steve Leslie, Australia
Jesus Espinosa, Mexico
Hannu Laukkanen, USA
Thorkild & Lena Rasmussen, Denmark & Sweden

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