We are pleased to provide this bibliography of optometric and vision articles. Unfortunately, the American Optometric Assocation has stopped offering the services through ILAMO where you could have requested the actual articles you were interested in. Most of the articles in the bibliography can be found on the internet by copy and pasting the title and author information into your favorite search engine. In the future, we will add links to the articles on the internet.

Link Author Title Published Pages Referencedsort icon Date
view Steinerman, Peter Many Sports Officials Said Deficient In Visual Acuity, Depth Perception Optometry Times 1983 (October)
view Stehli, Artur The Incidence of Visual Dysfunction in a Population of Juvenile Deliquents in South Africa 1988 (February)
view Unknown Treatment of Developmental Problems in Delinquents
view Getz, Donald J., Lee, William C. Keep Your Eye of the Ball (The Visual Game of Tennis) College of Optometrists in Vision Development 1977
view Unknown The Eyes Have It American Optometric Association 1981 (October)
view Unknown Here's an Eye-Opener Duck's Unlimited 1981 (May-June)
view Dickey, Charley Anglers: Protect Your Eyes Outdoor Life 1981 (March)
view Degener, James K. Vision Skills on the Racquetball Court Unknown 1982 (February)
view Unknown Keep Your Eye on the (Tennis) Ball Hairstyle 1982 (Summer)
view Hansen, Jeffery Few Americans Can Focus on Vision Training Volleyball Monthly 1984 (January)