We are pleased to provide this bibliography of optometric and vision articles. Unfortunately, the American Optometric Assocation has stopped offering the services through ILAMO where you could have requested the actual articles you were interested in. Most of the articles in the bibliography can be found on the internet by copy and pasting the title and author information into your favorite search engine. In the future, we will add links to the articles on the internet.

Link Author Title Published Pages Referencedsort icon Date
view Unknown Poor Eyesight One Cause of Hunting Accidents Teh Lincoln County Journal 1961 (November)
view Reid, Edwin Hunter Vision Fur-Fish Game 1981 (May)
view Wick, Ralph E. That Shootin' Eye Sports Afeild 1949 (May)
view Gresham, Tom Optics for Hunters Ourdoor Life 1979 (November)
view Unknown Be on Target this Hunting Season American Optometric Association 1977 (October)
view Wisconsin Optometric Association Hunter's Vision C Kit For Hunter's Vision Program
view Richards, Ocsar W., Woolner, Ralph, Panjian, Jack What the Well-Dressed Deer Hunter Will Wear National Safety News
view Unknown Vision and Hunting... American Optometric Association
view Unknown Bushnell Shooting Glasses Bushnell Cataloge 1981 (October)
view Gregg, James R. How to See What You Shouldn't Be Missing Shooting Times 1980 (January)