We are pleased to provide this bibliography of optometric and vision articles. Unfortunately, the American Optometric Assocation has stopped offering the services through ILAMO where you could have requested the actual articles you were interested in. Most of the articles in the bibliography can be found on the internet by copy and pasting the title and author information into your favorite search engine. In the future, we will add links to the articles on the internet.

Link Author Title Published Pages Referencedsort icon Date
view Unknown Vision of Victory Gazette Telegraph 1983 (June 19)
view Unknown Optometrist Screens Eyes of Olympic Hopefuls at Fest Tri-County News 1983 (July 7)
view Riggs, Randy White Wears Extra Eyes on the Field Unknown 1983 (February 8)
view Unknown Basketball Refs Rank High on Visual Ability Tests Show AOA News 1983 (February 1)
view Macomber, Frank Umpires Have Better than Normal Eyes Sports Unlimited 1975 (May 22)
view Chapin, Dwight 49ers Concentrate More... and Lose Los Angeles Times 1975 (November 7)
view Grimsley, Will Concentration Improved Through Visualization The Register 1976 (October 12)
view Distel, Dave Athletes With 20/20 Are Learning to See Los Angeles Times 1976 (August 9)
view Harrison, William Dynamics of Vision and Eyesight Combine to Make Complete Ballplayer VisionDynamics 1977 (July 7)
view Hochman, Stan The Eyes Have it for a Royal Flush Unknown 1978 (July)