We are pleased to provide this bibliography of optometric and vision articles. Unfortunately, the American Optometric Assocation has stopped offering the services through ILAMO where you could have requested the actual articles you were interested in. Most of the articles in the bibliography can be found on the internet by copy and pasting the title and author information into your favorite search engine. In the future, we will add links to the articles on the internet.

Link Author Title Published Pages Referenced Datesort icon
view Shorr, Robert H. The Insurability of Diagnosis and Treatment of Visual Strabismus and/or Amblyopia None
view McDermott, Jeanne Researchers Find There is More to Vision than Meets the Eye Unknown 96-106
view Cool, Steven J. A Modulation Cattentional/Arousal/Motivational Model of Nervous System Function and Development: None
view Brinkman, Joe, Euchner, Charlie The Umpire's Handbook Steven Green Press Inc. 17-19
view MacDonald, Lawrence W. Optometric Visual Training - Its History and Development Journal of the American Optometric Association
view Miles, Paul W. Children With Increasing Myopia Unknown
view Zoltan, Barbara Remediation of Visual-Perceptual and Perceptual-Motor Deficits Unknown 351-365
view Kadet, Theodore S. The Rehabilitation of Diplopia (Double Vision) in Traunatic Brain Injury None
view Kadet, Theodore S. Visual Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury None
view Slavin, Sidney H. Rehabilitative Optometry - Out of the Closet at Last! None