Beverly Stokes
Move Alive
Published Date

A Book Review by: Dennis Hoover, COVT

Written for parents, the book emphasizes the types of play and movement which can lead to maximum development in the child.  It basically follows development from birth to the age of one year, giving specific activities for each month.  It is unique in that it also gives parallel physical movement activities for the parent or care giver.  These are given so that they can better understand what is going on with the child, but will also be of benefit to the parent. It is very thorough and gives concise directions with many photos and diagrams.

My opinion – an excellent resource for a parent who has the time and opportunity to work with their child for about a half hour or so every day on the activities.  In today’s world, these might be few.  In general, there would be little here for the optometrist unless they have no background at all in early child development.

(However, probably if every child were given these experiences, there would be far fewer who would ever need vision therapy.  I can see from the types of activities that many of our imbalances, directionality problems, etc. would not exist after this type of training.)

Available from OEP.