Karen Pryor
Bantam Books
Published Date

The book I had always recommended as the bible on behavior modification by Barbara Woodhouse, “No Bad Dogs – The Woodhouse Way” was out of print in many areas and hard to get in others. In addition, it was totally written for dog owners and those of us who are parents had to map the dog stuff onto parenting which at times was a bit awkward. Well I was a bit concerned with the title “Don’t Shoot the Dog!” that we would have to do the same thing. My concerns were totally unfounded.

Ms. Pryor has written an excellent book which covers the subject of how to put behavior modification into practice. She did animal training for years with all kinds of animals and takes her experience and directly maps it onto real life human experience. The book is written for the public and is easy to understand. She takes several real life problems and goes through all the different alternatives of how to work the problem behaviorally. As soon as I finished the book I got a copy for each of my therapists. I highly recommend this book.