John C. Eccles
Published Date

I ran into this book while browsing the shelves at our local book store. The title intrigued me. Upon quick inspection, the author seemed to relate well the evolutionary influences that have brought about the wonder that has become the human brain to behavior. Although rather technical, Eccles explains things well and explains the “why” behind what he discusses, which made it relatively easy to relate the text to life experience as well as clinical experiences.

Eccles covers the development of the neural circuitry necessary to perform the movements and manipulation of the environment that characterizes us as humans. The development of the mechanisms of attention and control of movement are covered in tremendous depth. This book is very functional and I highly recommend it. While reading this book, I found that I could not put my marking pen down. Few pages escaped my highlighter. In the future I am sure that I will do a paper highlighting the points made by Eccles.