Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert
Saturn Press
Published Date

This is the best specialty sports vision book I have read to date.  It is practical, comprehensive and for me a logical approach to a game I enjoy.

Dr. Lampert starts by saying, “In golf there is not a lot of movement going on but the game is very visual”.  He covers the basics of alignment (where am I), visual imagery (motor planning), to targeting (where is it), to judging distance (spatial), and being in the zone without self talk (speech auditory).

He uses eye aiming, head movement effects on judgments, bead jumping, bug on a string, CP saccades, stick in a straw, relaxation, & visualization techniques.  He leads the reader in developing consistent practice routines.

I found the best tip for me to be in putting.  I’ve always visualized the line I want so the putt goes into the hole. He takes it one step further to help with distance and the time it takes for the putt to go into the hole.  He has you trace the line your putt will go at the speed you expect it to move with your eyes.  He suggests you retrace your eyes along the path and at the speed you expect it to move until confident.  Using bug on a string technique, so to speak.  What a great way to not only stay in line but finish near or in the hole using the feel of your eye movement.

The only weak spots are his discussions of spatial effects of phoria’s and his simplistic (optical only) look at myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

I highly recommend this book to any of you who golf or for your golfing patients.