Gerald M. Edelman
Basic Books
Published Date

I enjoyed Edelman’s “Bright Air Brilliant Fire” and had great expectations for this book. The book actually was written and published in 1989 prior to “Bright Air Brilliant Fire” which I happened to read first. This book did not let me down and will require rereading. I also found that I could not put down the marking pen. His writing style is excellent and he helps make a very difficult and very dry topic understandable.

Edelman guides us through the neurology which supports his views that our understanding of the emergence of consciousness will come from understanding the neural circuitry and the concepts of recurrent loops and reentrant circuits. Much of the neurology he goes through is very consistent with that presented by Eccles in the book described above. I found the two works very complementary. Again I highly recommend this book.

Google Books has the first 50 pages from this book available online here.