Calendar – Clinical Curriculum

All Clinical Curriculum (A&S, VT1-VT3) courses will be offered over the internet.  If you are interested in taking a CC course in person please contact Sherice Gainey at to be added to a waitlist.  Once the list reaches 10 people an in person course will be scheduled.

Clinical Curriculum

October 2023
Oct 07
07 October 2023
VT/Visual Dysfunctions - (VT-1)

"It was interesting to learn about procedures that I was not familiar with, and also how to adjust a procedure or program for a child vs. and adult vs. an athlete, vs. a child with learning challenges. It was also wonderful to see a variety of "patients" performing the procedures during the course, both adults and children, and to hear and see their responses."

Cathleen Doucette, OD

November 2023
Nov 04
04 November 2023
VT/Learning Related Visual Problems - (VT-2)

"I attended VT1 and realized I needed to know more."

Jamie Kueber, OD

December 2023
Dec 02
02 December 2023
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3)

"I find the theory behind hyperopia very interesting as it is very different from what I learned at school but I like this way of thinking much more. And getting to see the therapy demonstrated in real time is always great to better understand."

Lindsay Gallowitz, OD