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Clinical Seminars

December 2022
Dec 03
03 December 2022
Applied Concepts Grand Rounds Course-Temporal Competence in Vis.Sensation

This is the first of a series of courses with innovative and bold ideas Temporal Competence in Visual Sensation with Dr. Eric Hussey. A clinician look at sensory binocularity and […]

January 2023
Jan 18
18 January 2023
Dr. John Abbondanza - The Greats in Vision Therapy: series of Firechat Interviews with Brad Habermehl

Join Dr. Brad Habermehl for an interview with one of the Greats in Vision therapy: Dr. John Abbondanza, head of OEPF Clinical Curriculum Faculty Register here

Free – $35
Jan 25
25 January 2023
Rhythm, timing, and the visual process with Dr. Paul Rousseau

Register here Description: Space and time are so intricately related that Einstein detailed some of those relationships in ways that go beyond my understanding level. But Al Sutton (one of […]

Free – $35
February 2023
Feb 01
01 February 2023
Intro to troubleshooting your VT

Register here Description: Best Practices Workshop for Hands-On Therapy the ins and outs of taking you from basic to advanced in vision therapy. Bio: Tom Headline worked his way through […]

Free – $35
Feb 15
15 February 2023
Selling your practice to an equity fund with Dr. John Abbondanza

Register here Description: Dr. Abbondanza recently sold his practice to an equity fund and would love to discuss his experience with you. Bio: Dr. Abbondanza graduated from Milford High School […]

Free – $35
Feb 19
19 February 2023
Brain-based Therapies - 4h workshop Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas

Register here Description: 4h Workshop on Brain-based Therapies: Knowing How to Boost Your Therapies When Your Patient Gets Stuck - Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas. Have you ever worked […]

$25 – $135
Feb 26
26 February 2023
6-hour Applied Concepts course: Extraocular muscles with Dr. Liat Gantz

Register here Description: Join us for this refresher course Content: extraocular muscles and nerves 6,4,3, eye movements testing eye movements, tropia vs. phoria and testing, types of retinal correspondence, AC/A […]

$25 – $210
March 2023
Mar 08
08 March 2023
Assistive communication devices for non-verbal patients - Dr. Susan Daniel

Register here Bio: Susan Daniel, O.D. is the Immediate Past President and an Advisory Board Member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), an inter-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing […]

Free – $35
Mar 20
20 March 2023
2x2 or 4 hours of Practice Management with Dr. Joshua Watt

Register here Course Description: We offer this dynamic and very interesting lecture of hours focusing on how to develop and strengthen your VT Practice, ins and outs of practice management […]

$25 – $135