Calendar – Clinical Seminars

Clinical Seminars

August 2022
Aug 20
20 August 2022
Optometric & Syntonic Phototherapy

Neuro-Optometry plays a major role in neuro-rehabilitation of visual dysfunction especially following brain injury, but also with more common systemic illnesses like high fevers or ear infections. A medical history […]

October 2022
Oct 15
15 October 2022
Expanded and updated seminar: In’s and Outs of TBI/ ABI/ Stroke and overall brain injury

A review of structural and functional results of stroke and other brain injuries. The series will include six 2-hour lectures covering essential definitions, statistics, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, urgent versus […]

Oct 22
22 October 2022
Troubleshooting Your VT: A Deep Dive into Making VT Successful for Your Patient

This Interactive VT Workshop will Dissect VT procedure to look at effective variations/modifications that worked. 6 hours 2 sessions of 6 hours per day, total of 12 hours.

Oct 28
28 October 2022
Join us in person for an exclusive OEPF Workshop in Melbourne Florida,28-30 October 2022!

We have exclusively rented this resort for an OEPF retreat on the Florida coast and offer you 12 CE credit hours for an all-inclusive fee of $950 (registration, lodging for […]

November 2022
Nov 05
05 November 2022
Follow-up to Multisensory Model Neurological Implications for Improved Optometric Success and Treatment

12- hour course presented in two six-hour lectures. We live in a highly sensory world in which we are continually bombarded with information from each of our different senses. Although […]