All 4 Clinical Curriculum (A&S, VT1-VT2-VT3) courses will be offered live over the internet and will be spread out over two weekends starting December 2022 and throughout 2023. 

If you are interested in taking a CC course in person please contact Sherice Gainey at to be added to a waitlist and indicate your preference.  Once the list reaches 10 people an in person course will be scheduled and we will contact you with details. In person courses will be offered in one session of 5 or 4 continous days.

Please note that OEPF given the current external uncertainty reserves the right to make changes to scheduled courses. We advice you when traveling to an in-person event to please make reservations that are flexible and reimbursable. We are always available to assist you with last minute details. 

If you are looking for our short CE lectures, you will find them under live lectures.

Thank you and enjoy our wide variety of educational offerings.

February 2023
Feb 04
04 February 2023
COPE Accredited CE Course: The Art & Science of Optometric Care – A Behavioral Perspective Feb-2023

"I loved working through the Skeffington model and attaching meaning to the realm of optometry and treating the patient as a whole organism rather than just treating the eyes."

Vassiliki Prattas, OD

Feb 15
15 February 2023
Selling your practice to an equity fund with Dr. John Abbondanza

Register here Description: Dr. Abbondanza recently sold his practice to an equity fund and would love to discuss his experience with you. Bio: Dr. Abbondanza graduated from Milford High School […]

Free – $35
Feb 22
22 February 2023
Everything you wanted to know about Journals: do's and pitfalls- L. Holland

Register here Leslie Holland: Title: Journal publication: best practices, avoiding pitfalls and protecting yourself and your research Description: Publishing in journals today comes with new challenges to navigate, such as […]

Free – $35
Feb 26
26 February 2023
6-hour Applied Concepts course: Extraocular muscles with Dr. Liat Gantz

Register here Description: Join us for this refresher course Content: extraocular muscles and nerves 6,4,3, eye movements testing eye movements, tropia vs. phoria and testing, types of retinal correspondence, AC/A […]

$25 – $210
March 2023
Mar 05
05 March 2023
Great Lakes Congress 2023

Great Lakes Congress 2023 Registration Link 86 GREAT LAKES CONGRESS: Performance Lenses, VT and Automatic Brain Responses (Hybrid). Link to More detailed information Speakers: Virginia Donati OD, Marisa Kruger OD […]

Mar 08
08 March 2023
Assistive communication devices for non-verbal patients - Dr. Susan Daniel

Register here Bio: Susan Daniel, O.D. is the Immediate Past President and an Advisory Board Member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), an inter-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing […]

Free – $35
Mar 15
15 March 2023
Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) with Dr. Athena Mears

Register here0-35 Description: Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a rare neurological condition that causes constant visual static throughout the entire field of vision. Currently, it affects about 2-3 percent of […]

Free – $35
Mar 19
19 March 2023
Brain-based Therapies - 4h workshop Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas

Register here Description: 4h Workshop on Brain-based Therapies: Knowing How to Boost Your Therapies When Your Patient Gets Stuck - Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas. Have you ever worked […]

$25 – $135
Mar 20
20 March 2023
2x2 or 4 hours of Practice Management with Dr. Joshua Watt

Register here Course Description: We offer this dynamic and very interesting lecture of hours focusing on how to develop and strengthen your VT Practice, ins and outs of practice management […]

$25 – $135
Mar 22
22 March 2023
Non-strabismic binocular vision anomalies with Dr. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen

Register here Bio: Dr. Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen M.Phil, PhD, FCOVD-I, FAAO Head – Rivoli Vision Academy Clinical Diplomate – Binocular vision, Perception & Pediatric Optometry, AAO Affiliations: President – Optometric […]

Free – $35
Mar 22
22 March 2023
Neuro and concussion workups with Dr. Inga Fors

Register here Bio: Inga Fors, O.D. ADJUNCT CLINICAL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Dr. Inga Fors attended Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN, and completed externships in Vision Therapy, Pediatrics, and Neuro […]

Free – $35
Mar 29
29 March 2023
Dr. E. Hussey OEPF Chair "The Greats in Vision Therapy” Fire Chat Interview

Register here Join Dr. Brad Habermehl for an interview with one of the Greats in Vision therapy: Dr.Eric Hussey, OEPF's Board Chair

April 2023
Apr 05
05 April 2023
Review of research that supports the vision therapy optometrist - Dr. Chow

Register here A review of research that supports the vision therapy optometrist with Dr. Man Kin (Eric) Chow Biography: Dr. Eric Chow is a graduate of SUNY College of Optometry […]

Free – $35
Apr 12
12 April 2023
Research on on monocular fixation in binocular field - Dr. Daiane Moreira

Register here Dr Moreira will present on her research for Unifesp, public university in Brazil, about her research on monocular fixation in the binocular field as a tool for vision […]

Free – $35
Apr 14
14 April 2023
VT/Visual Dysfunctions - (VT-1)

"I want to add VT into my practice and felt this would best prepare me."

Sarah Moreau, OD

Apr 19
19 April 2023
Vision and Learning

Register here Bio: Dr. Samantha Krueger completed her undergraduate studies at Nova Southeastern University, where she majored in Biology. She also received a Bachelor of Science in Vision Science degree […]

Free – $35
May 2023
May 03
03 May 2023
A+ Manual interview with co-author Dr. Beth Gilman by Dr. Taub

A+ Vision A Manual of Vision Therapy Exercises a new generation “hybrid” book, Interview with co-Author Dr. Beth Gilman by Dr. Taub Register here This is a new generation “hybrid” […]

May 05
05 May 2023
VT/Learning Related Visual Problems - (VT-2)

"Variations of treatment techniques and protocols for different practices."

Laura King

May 10
10 May 2023
Tale of 2 Adaptations: Anomalous Correspondence and Implications - Dr. Prattas

Register here Description: Covariation is a phenomenon that occurs in patients with intermittent strabismus. It is defined as the presence of normal correspondence when the patient is aligned, and use […]

Free – $35
May 20
20 May 2023
6H workshop IPPRA how to test on primitive reflexes with Patti Andrich

Register here Description: Primitive reflex activity and immature postural reflexes can have a significant impact on the quality of life. The presence of primitive reflex activity beyond the typical period […]

$25 – $210
May 24
24 May 2023
Neuro-optometry latest trends and research with Dr. Amy Pruszenski

Register here Dr. Amy Pruszenski is OEPF's Board Secretary and co-Chair of the 2024 ICBO Education Committee She is a passionate and vocal advocate and expert in neuro-optometry Bio: Dr. […]

Free – $35
June 2023
Jun 10
10 June 2023
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3)

"Although I know that I still have a lot to learn on the subject, I feel that I am more equipped to start to treat those patients. The practical portion."

Francine Gauthier, OD

Jun 14
14 June 2023
Dr. Marc Taub -“The Greats in Vision Therapy” Fire Chat Interview

Register here Join Dr. Brad Habermehl for an interview with one of the Greats in Vision therapy: Dr.Marc Taub, Managing Editor OEPF's OVP Journal

August 2023
Aug 26
26 August 2023
COPE Accredited CE Course: The Art & Science of Optometric Care – A Behavioral Perspective Aug-2023

"How everything simply linked together. The AH-HA moments. The tools and now at our hands reach to build on, to experiment with and to marvel at the change that's possible in each and every person's life. I'm very excited. So COOL 🙂

Speakers easy to follow, held my attention, concise to the point presenter.

Dr Geoff did a wonderful job at changing my model of vision. Like him, I was ready to let go whatever school model of vision was with me. It completely changed my perspective in prescribing and excited to put it into practice back at the clinic. I can say that I am more confident in prescribing now, knowing the power ranges available, and that there is no specific lens for each person. Like he always say, "It's not what the lens does to a person, but what the person does to a lens". I understood vision in a behavioral perspective and answered my 'whys' to every patient case I have encountered."


September 2023
Sep 06
06 September 2023
Dr. A. Pruszenski "The Greats in Vision Therapy” Fire Chat Interview

Register here Join Dr. Brad Habermehl for an interview with one of the Greats in Vision therapy: Dr.Amy Pruszenski, OEPF's Board Secretary and Co-chair of OEPF's ICBO Education Committee.

Sep 09
09 September 2023
Northeast Congress of Optometry

Save the date. September 9th-10th, 2023

Sep 18
18 September 2023
Colorado Vision Training Conference

Colorado Vision Training Conference will be held on September 18th, 19th and 20th, 2023. Speaker Dr. Phil Bugaiski, Save the date, more details to follow.

October 2023
Oct 07
07 October 2023
VT/Visual Dysfunctions - (VT-1)

"It was interesting to learn about procedures that I was not familiar with, and also how to adjust a procedure or program for a child vs. and adult vs. an athlete, vs. a child with learning challenges. It was also wonderful to see a variety of "patients" performing the procedures during the course, both adults and children, and to hear and see their responses."

Cathleen Doucette, OD

November 2023
Nov 04
04 November 2023
VT/Learning Related Visual Problems - (VT-2)

"I attended VT1 and realized I needed to know more."

Jamie Kueber, OD

Nov 09
09 November 2023
Dr. P. Schnell "The Greats in Vision Therapy” Fire Chat Interview

Register here Join Dr. Brad Habermehl for an interview with one of the Greats in Vision therapy: Dr.Pam Schnell, OEPF's Vice Board Chair and Co-chair of OEPF's ICBO Education Committee. Dr. […]

December 2023
Dec 02
02 December 2023
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3)

"I find the theory behind hyperopia very interesting as it is very different from what I learned at school but I like this way of thinking much more. And getting to see the therapy demonstrated in real time is always great to better understand."

Lindsay Gallowitz, OD

August 2024
Aug 14
14 August 2024
International Congress of Behavioral Optometry (ICBO)

LOCATION:  Ottawa, Canada Hilton Lac Leamy SAVE THE DATE! ICBO 2024 will be postponed till August 2024 Event Contact Line Vreven Event Location Ottawa, Canada Event Type Symposium or CCVC