Co-Managing Patients with m-TBI: Optometry as Part of the Medical Team

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Hits to the head have occurred since the dawn of time. However, with the expanded research and awareness it seems more and more patients are coming to us for care. The problem is these are probably only a small percentage of patients who truly need our skillset. We, as a profession need to do a better job to raise awareness to non-optometrists and become more comfortable in treating these patients. This lecture will utilize clinical cases to discuss the various treatment options we have available for patients who have sustained a m-TBI. It will also look at how to build relationships with other professions to ensure we are part of the medical team these patients need.


BIO: Dr. Lyon is the Director of Residencies  and Director of the Concussion Care Service for the Indiana University School of Optometry. He graduated with his O.D. degree from IUSO in 1999, completed a pediatric optometry residency in 2000 and completed a Masters of Science degree at Indiana University School of. Medicine in 2010. He lectures nationally, and internationally on pediatric optometry, amblyopia, and other binocular vision disorders. Dr. Lyon founded the Vision for the Future service program in 2015 and currently is the Co-Director with the goal to improve access to vision care for children globally. Currently Vision for the Future operates in Indiana and Rwanda. He is the local principal investigator for Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group.


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