Creating a visual world with limited functional vision

Barry S Kran, OD, FAAO: Creating a visual world with limited functional vision




This case is representative of a group of individuals with significant brain-based vision impairment which often goes undetected by eye care providers, educators and family members.  The impact on their self-esteem and ability to function in a visually complex and dynamic environment is significant.  Follow this presentation case from history through assessment including functional MRI assessment.  Several videos from various sources as well as from the patient will likely challenge your thoughts about vision impairment, training and function.




Dr. Kran received his Doctor of Optometry and completed his vision training residency at the SUNY College of Optometry.  For the past 35 years he has had extensive experience in various practice settings with pediatrics, vision therapy and working with individuals with a difference as common elements.  He currently sees individuals with visual and other impairments at the NECO Center for Eye Care Clinic at Perkins.  He is a Professor of Optometry at NECO and lectures in binocular and accommodative anomalies, low vision and pediatric optometry courses.  His research has been centered on care of individuals with special needs and in particular children with brain-based vision impairment or cerebral visual impairment.  He has lectured and consulted on these topics nationally and internationally. 


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