Innovative Optometric Management for Red-Green Color Deficiencies

Innovative Optometric Management for Red-Green Color Deficiencies with TERESITA REYES YAMBOT,OD, MAED, MSO, FPAO, Fellow CIRC



Seeing Color is a psychological and physiological response to light waves of a specific frequency or set of frequencies impinging upon the eye. We will explore clinical studies undertaken and case studies on patients, including examing color blindness and share research findings.


Dr. Teresita Reyes Yambot, OD,MAED, MSO, FPAO is:

Fellow of the Civitan International Research Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham USA
Chairman of the FDM Vision Care Research and Training Institute, FDM Medical Center
Chairman, Regulatory Board of Optometry (2015 to 2017)
Professional Regulation Commission
International Honor Key Award Civitan International Excellence Award
One of the 10 Outstanding Health Professionals Philippine Federation of Professional Associations
Outstanding Optometrist Professional Regulation Commission
Magna Cum Laude, Distinguished Alumna
MCU, College of Optometry


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