Interactive VT : Best Practices Workshop for Hands-On Therapy Training.

Please join us for the first 6 sessions Interactive Workshop on VT Best Practices Workshop for Hands-On Therapy Training,

with Tom Headline, COVT

This course is structured as:

  • 6 over the Internet introductory sessions of 2 hours: January 22 - 23, February 5 - 6, and 12 -13
  • One optional one-hour prep session to prepare for cases: January 31. 

This Course was designed to discuss the following:
Dissecting specific VT procedures to look at effective variations/modifications that worked.

Please bring VT procedures or cases to discuss during our Round-table discussion to
help troubleshoot.

Over 12 hours of education with follow up support and abundant OEPF reference materials.
This workshop is appropriate for OD’s that provide therapy and VT, therapists that have been trained in OEPF's clinical curriculum

Tom Headline

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