A Philosophy of Prescribing Lenses

Course description:

Rather than being overly focused on using lenses primarily, if not entirely, as compensation for refractive issues and/or eye alignment, we will explore more creative and dynamic strategies for prescribing lenses. Other possibilities of exploiting the power of lenses to improve comfort, performance and development of the visual process will be presented



Dr. Steve Gallop is a 1989 graduate of PCO. He has extensive experience with vision therapy,

first as a patient, then as a therapist which enabled him to significantly reduce his own nearsightedness while improving his overall visual abilities. He continues to provide

vision therapy personally with every patient.


Dr. Gallop lectures to a variety of audiences around the world. He has written numerous articles

on the philosophy and practice of behavioral vision care and is the author of two books, “Looking

Differently at Nearsightedness and Myopia: The Visual Process and the Myth of 20/20”

and “A Parent Guide to Strabismus, Eye Muscle Surgery, and Vision Therapy.”


Dr. Gallop maintains a private practice in the Metro Philadelphia area devoted entirely to enhancing visual comfort, performance and development

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