Primitive Reflexes in Optometry by Drs. Lena and Thorkild Rasmussen

Course on Primary Reflexes in Optometry, 2nd June, 1 PM (1900)


The Primary Reflexes (Primitive Reflexes) are dominant at birth, and is expected to be integrated during the early first month of life.

In many, that integration is not complete.

If the integration of our Primary Reflexes is incomplete, they will affect our general functions, and the visual system in particular.


Since 1995 the authors have systematically done clinical observations of how the Primary Reflexes can affect the visual process, and also how different activities to integrate these reflexes improve and reinforce more general Vision Therapy procedures.


The course will share our observations of the Primary Reflexes effect on vision, and we will show and explain the most powerful activities for integration work.


About the authors:

Lena Rasmussen, graduated from optometry school in Stockholm 1973, and since she has had her private practice of optometry in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thorkild Rasmussen, graduated from optometry school in Copenhagen 1974, and since he has had his private practice of optometry in Skive, Denmark.


Since 1995 they have worked as a team on clinical observation on how the Primary Reflexes affects the Visual Process, and how to incorporate Primary Reflex integration activities into Vision Therapy programs.

In year 2001 the started “Centre of Neuro Developmental Optometry” that operated in cooperation with schools for special needs in Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. 

The authors experiences build on observations done, as well in their respective clinics in Sweden and Denmark, as well as on the centers in Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

Since 1995 both authors have been active in presenting their observations and their hypothesis on many international seminars and symposiums.


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