Strabismus: Not Just an Eye Thing!

Strabismus: Not Just an Eye Thing! with Dr Kristin Adams


Dr. Donald Getz stated, “The problem of strabismus is not strictly an ocular or eye muscle problem. Most strabismics are strabismics from head to toe.” This course will investigate the connection between the body and strabismus.  Treatment protocols will be discussed along with case illustrations. 

Dr. Kristin Adams is an instructor and serves patients in the Pediatric and Adult Primary Care and Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation departments at The Eye Center at Southern College of OptometryPrior to joining SCODr. Adams served as a faculty member at Chicago College of Optometry where she developed courses, lectured, and supervised interns in the Pediatric and Vision Therapy departments. She served as the National Student Liaison for the Optometric Extension Program Foundation before graduating with her Doctor of Optometry from Inter American University of Puerto Rico. 


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