Thinking Fast and Slow and correlates to the vision system

Instructor:  Stanley W. Hatch, OD, MPH, FAAO, FCOVD


Title:  Thinking Fast and Slow and correlates to the vision system.

Course description:  Daniel Kahneman won a Noble Prize in economics for his research on the parallel systems of thinking and the role emotion plays in decision making.  Vision represents the dominant afferent stimulus to the brain.  Vision influences and is influenced by the fast and slow thinking systems.  This course investigates these neurologic connections specifically through the lateral geniculate nucleus. The basic science is then applied to vision therapy where certain integrative techniques might be leveraged for enhanced outcomes.

Instructor bio-sketch:  Dr. Hatch serves as an Associate Professor of Optometry and Chief of Pediatrics and Binocular Vision at Salus University, Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has been an investigator in several Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group studies, teaches public health and research methods, and has clinical interest in nearly all aspects of pediatric vision.

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