Visual Fatigue: How it impacts your patients and what you can do about it!



This course will discuss the possible reasons leading to visual fatigue and stress. It will correlate knowledge from the past wisdom and current thinking. It will also go into the physiological and behavioural events leading to visually related stress, its remediation and avoidance.

Bio sketch:

Aditya Goyal graduated from Elite school of optometry, India in 1989. He completed M.S. In clinical optometry from Pennsylvania college of optometry, Salus University and has been practicing the Science and art of optometry since 1991. He is also a fellow of COVD and is pursuing PhD and fellowship of NORA at present.

Along with the clinical practice, he followed his interest in academics and was instrumental in establishing colleges of optometry in Chennai, Bangalore and Ludhiana along with Sankara eye care group of hospitals. Currently, he is the principal of Sankara college of optometry, Bangalore and is also the mentor for optometrists in the Sankara eye care group. He is on the board of the association of schools and colleges of optometry, India and serves as President on the board of ASCO, India.

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