The visual "illusionary" world of autistics

The visual "illusionary" world of autistics with Dr. Vassiis Kokotas



The visual "illusionary" world of autistics

The autistic spectrum is characterized by what the word "diversity" could potentially represent.

Within this spectrum, behaviors range from highly exceptional to excessive dysfunctional, reflecting the way the world is perceived and processed. Stereotypical movements, absence of eye contact, hypersensitivity, obsessions and unexpected reactions. Could it be the result of a sensory based deceived perception?

Are autistics living in an "illusionary" world, or is it the "illusion" of neurotypicality that guides our diagnostic and therapeutic approach?

This presentation will briefly review aspects of research that  complement the use of lenses, yoked prisms and vision therapy as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to autism.


Dr. Vassilis Kokotas graduated from IRSOO (Italy) in 1995 and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Aston University (U.K.) in 2016. He was honored with the Kraskin Award in 2000 and he's currently serving on the peer review board of Optometry & Visual Performance. He has been providing vision therapy, vision care and rehabilitative services in private practice since 1998 in Athens, Greece and his special interest is focused on visual perception and cognition, psychological aspects of vision, and patients with special needs or neurological dysfunctions. In addition, he is currently mentoring at SAERA's (Isabel University - Spain) postgraduate program in optometry and lectures in the neuroscience postgraduate program.


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