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Course taught By Dr Robert Lederman.

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This course is designed to enhance the participants' ability to communicate some of the more complex concepts of vision in ways that will be easily understood by both other professionals and members of the public. Through the use of illustrative slides and hands-on demonstrations, the participants will be better equipped to explain simply, what developmental optometrists are diagnosing and treating.

Learning Objectives

1. The inherent challenges of changing the current public perception that having 20:20 eyesight somehow indicates that all aspects of their visual system are functioning at their optimum level will be discussed.

2.Participants will be introduced to a new model that will encourage them to move away from using the word "vision problem" when describing vision issues that affect a person only when reading. Currently, the public assumes that any "vision problem" would indeed be able to be diagnosed by any eye-care professional. This would prevent them from actively seeking out the specialized services of a board-certified developmental optometrist.

3. The participants will learn ways to explain to others some of the more abstract ideas about vision e.g. how we don't in fact see with our eyes but with our brain, and how the efficiency of our vision skills can affect what actually shows up in the final percept.

4. The participants will learn how to use this model as a tool to educate about vision and optometric vision therapy in a way that will help it to become understood as being of benefit to a much wider audience than the existing models that tend to talk about "vision problems."

5. The participants will learn specific models that are particularly helpful in explaining some less well-known aspects of vision e.g. how vision affects balance, to occupational or physical therapists.


Robert Lederman FCOVD is an acknowledged leader in the field of developmental optometry. People travel to Jerusalem from around the world to consult with him about their vision. Together with his team of Optometric Vision Therapists, he has successfully treated thousands of people who have not found solutions to their visual challenges elsewhere.  His patient population includes children and adults with reading difficulties, those with AD(H)D, people on the Autistic spectrum and those with Down’s syndrome. Robert Lederman has spent much of his professional career clarifying how the visual demands of reading vary from language to language. He has lectured over 200 times about vision over the last 25 years both in Israel and internationally to varied audiences including teachers, neurologists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists and psychologists.

He is a visiting lecturer on the Master’s Degree program at the Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa. He most recently lectured in the Faculty of Education in Science and Technology at the Technion. In 2019 he was the keynote speaker at the Dyslexia Conference in Istanbul, Turkey where he lectured about visual aspects of dyslexia, and how they vary from language to language. He is scheduled to present as keynote speaker in Spain and Malta in 2021.

The papers he co-authored have been cited over 40 times.


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