Course Category: Clinical Seminars


Applied Concepts Grand Rounds Lecture-Temporal Competence in Vis.Sensation

Temporal Competence in Visual Sensation with Dr. Eric Hussey. ..

  • September 20, 2022

Optometric & Syntonic Phototherapy

Neuro-Optometry plays a major role in neuro-rehabilitation of visual dysfunction especially fol..

  • February 8, 2022

Building Blocks: Vision Therapy for Young Children Seminar

Learn about age-appropriate vision therapy procedures for preschool-aged patients from 3-6 year..

  • November 18, 2021

Expanded and updated seminar: In’s and Outs of

A review of structural and functional results of stroke and other brain injuries. The series wi..

  • October 23, 2021

Follow-up to Multisensory Model Neurological Implications for Improved Optometric Success and Treatment

12- hour course over two days, presented in two six-hour lectures. This is a online course over..

  • October 4, 2021

Troubleshooting Your VT: A Deep Dive into Making VT Successful for Your Patient -Hybrid

Thank you for registering. We are excited to welcome you in this course and workshop...

  • September 26, 2021