Course Descriptions – Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury

Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury

Course Details

21 Hours
3 Days
Course Audience:
Optometrists, Therapists

Course Description

OD Prerequisites: Completion of Core Curriculum courses (The Art & Science of Optometric Care, VT/Visual Dysfunctions, VT/Learning Related Visual Problems,and VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia) Therapist Prerequisites: VT/Visual Dysfunctions, VT/Learning Related Visual Problems, and VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia. Building on your foundation from the prerequisite core courses of the OEPF Clinical Curriculum, this course will deal with the specifics of treating patients with head injuries. The course will present material that will help the attendee understand the mechanics of head injury, understand more the neurology and how it relates to function and learn how central it is to match the problems seen to this type of injury. 

This exciting course is guaranteed to get you over the fear of dealing with this very interesting population that can be helped immensely by our great profession. Each course participant will receive a manual which includes suggested readings, definitions, diagrams and case histories.

* Courses begin at 9:00 am each morning and will finish at 5:00 PM. On the last day of the course we begin at 9:00 am and generally finish by 3:00 PM. Lunch is included in your tuition.

(NOTE: If you have special dietary considerations please let us know at the time you make your reservation.) 

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