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Advanced Study Group - Continuing Seminar

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14 Hours
2 Days
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Prerequisites: Completion of core curriculum courses The Baltimore Academy for Behavioral Optometry Continuing Seminar (BABO CS) is for those colleagues who have completed the core curriculum offered by BABO, which includes the four courses: The Art & Science of Optometric Care—A Behavioral Perspective (BVC), VT/Visual Dysfunctions (VT-I), VT/Learning Related Visual Problems (VT-II), and VT/Strabismus & Amblyopia (VT-III). This course will be run in a seminar format. Our field is in a state of constant evolution. Completion of the core courses at one point in time does not mean that one’s education is complete. To remain current in our field requires dedication to life-long learning. As you have already invested heavily in the BABO Curriculum, one way to continue your life-long learning and to reinsure your investment in your education is to periodically attend the BABO CS to find out what’s new, to be involved in high level case presentations, and to have your questions answered in-depth. This is also a time to work as a group on resolving some of the difficult to learn topics covered in the core courses. Time will also be spent in working on pre-submitted questions from the attendees. Often, some areas that were covered in the core courses are reinforced with additional examples of clinical techniques that strengthen the participants’ understanding and clinical insights. It is recommended that this course be attended once every two years to keep up with all the happenings in the field of behavioral vision care. This course will be continually updated to keep everyone as up to date as possible. 

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