Course Descriptions – Vision Therapy/Visual Dysfunctions: VT1

Vision Therapy/Visual Dysfunctions: VT1

Course Details

35 Hours
5 Days
Course Audience:
Optometrists, Therapists

Course Description

Prerequisite: None VT/Visual Dysfunctions teaches a core curriculum of therapy which consists of a series of procedures which are not necessarily specific to any one dysfunction but which together lead to successful, happy and enthusiastic patients. Vision Therapy 1 is:

The VT/Visual Dysfunction course is a prerequisite for the VT/Learning Related Visual Problems and the VT/Strabismus & Amblyopia courses. This is usually the first course taken by vision therapists. The OEP Clinical Curriculum faculty has been very successful at making the new therapist comfortable with being in the same class as more experienced therapists, as well as with optometrists who are new to behavioral vision care. For a therapist to attend a course, the normal procedure is that they may either attend the course with their OD or the OD must have attended an OEP Clinical Curriculum course at a prior date. * Courses begin at 9:00 am each morning and will finish at 5:00 PM. On the last day of the course we begin at 9:00 am and generally finish by 3:00 PM. Lunch is included in your tuition. (NOTE: If you have special dietary considerations please let us know at the time you make your reservation.)