Darell Boyd Harmon

The attached paper is “The Coordinated Classroom Lectures and Associated Materials” consisting of three lectures.

This paper resulted from Harmon analyzing over 100 randomly selected patients from the practice of Robert A. Kraskin, OD. Two versions of this were found in the Dr. Kraskin’s papers. The one posted here is the second edition, which had major revisions to it.

This paper was written by Dr. David A. Goss and it was published in the Journal of Optometry History, Volume 49, Number 4, October 2018. It is presented here with permission from the author.

This paper by Dr. Harmon was recently discovered in the back of a report by him on the benefits of open classrooms. It was in a tranche of documents from the late Robert A Kraskin, OD’s library. It is a gem!

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