Instructor and Chair of the Education Committee

Dr. John Abbondanza, OD


Dr. Robert Hohendorf, OD

Dr. Virginia Donati, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Virginia Donati, OD, FCOVD


Dr. Jeffrey J. Lant

Instructor and Chair of the Education Committee

Dr. John Abbondanza, OD

Dr. Abbondanza is the chair of the Clinical Curriculum Development Committee of the OEPF, he oversees and helps develop the continued excellence of all OEPF Clinical Curriculum educational offerings.

Dr. Abbondanza graduated from Milford High School and from Boston College (Go Eagles!) with a degree in Psychology. He graduated with honors in the Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society from the New England College of Optometry, where he was appointed Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry in 1991. He is a past President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists, where he was the youngest President in the almost 100-year history of the organization. Dr. John has also served on the Suffolk Superior Court Medical Malpractice Tribunal. He lectures extensively to optometrists, educators, occupational therapists, and other groups on how Behavioral Optometry helps people in their daily lives. Dr. John is also certified in Corneal Refractive Therapy, where contact lenses are used to reshape the cornea as an alternative to eyeglasses or LASIK. He is in private practice at Vision Care Specialists in Southborough with a specialization in vision related learning problems.

Dr. John is a 30-year member of the American Optometric Association and a clinical associate of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF), which is the national organization of Behavioral Optometrists. He is board certified in Vision Therapy as a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD). Dr. John serves on the Northeast Regional Congress of Optometrists Committee where he was recently appointed Chair of their Clinical Seminar. He is also on the Budget Committee of the COVD and is the Massachusetts Chairman of the OEP. Additionally, Dr. John is the Massachusetts leader of the national InfantSEE program.


Doctor of Optometry, NEWENCO, May 1988

Bachelor of Arts, Boston College, May 1983



Trustee, Optometric Extension Program Foundation, 2010 – 2019

Board Certified in Vision Therapy by COVD, 2005 – present

State Leader, InfantSEE Program, Massachusetts, 2006 – present

Co-Chair, Associate to Fellow Committee, COVD, 2005

Director of Northeast Regional Clinical Seminar, 2005 – present

President, Vision Care Specialists, 2004 – present

Massachusetts Director of Optometric Extension Program, 2003-05

Budget Committee, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, 2004

Co-chair Northeast Congress of Optometry, 1999 – present

Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1995-96

President, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1994-95

Legal/Legislative Committee, Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1988-97

Metrowest Leadership Academy, Class of 1992


Faculty Appointment

Adjunct Clinical Prof of Optometry, NECO 1991, 2015-present

Adjunct Clinical Prof of Optometry, MCPHS, 2015-present

Adjunct Prof of Optometry, UPC, Spain 2019-present

Director of Residency in Pediatrics/Vision Therapy, 2011- 2018

Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry, SCO, 2011 – 2018


Professional Associations

Mass. Society of Optometrists, 1988 – present

American Optometric Association, 1988 – present

Optometric Extension Program, 1997 – present

College of Optometrists in Vision Development, 2003 – present



Vision Care Specialists Southboro, MA


6/04 – present Performed primary optometric care with an emphasis on Behavioral

Optometry for patients in a newly established office. Performed

functional vision evaluations and provided vision therapy for children and

adults with binocular (including strabismus and amblyopia),

accommodative, oculomotor, and vision related learning

problems. Provided routine and problem specific eye examinations,

all types of contact lens examinations and fittings including CRT, medical


management of ophthalmic disease, co-managed surgical LASIK, diabetic,

cataract, and glaucoma patients.

8/95-6/04 Optical View Framingham, MA

Performed primary optometric care for patients in a private optical

practice. Performed routine eye examinations, contact lens fittings,

functional vision evaluations and vision therapy. Developed general

pediatric practice with emphasis on vision therapy.

9/93-11/95 Tyler Opticians Leominster, MA

Performed primary optometric care for patients in a side by side practice.

3/8/94 Middlesex Superior Court Cambridge, MA

Malpractice Tribunal – Provided medical review of malpractice cases

involving optometrists.

6/88-9/93 McGowan Eye Care Center Framingham, MA

Provided medical eye care for patients as an employed optometrist in a

high volume, ocular disease oriented ophthalmology office. Routine use

of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. Provided pre-op and post-op care,

emergency triage, provocative glaucoma testing, diagnostic lacrimal

testing, and other primary care procedures. Performed anterior segment

and posterior segment photography, flourescein angiography, and

interpreted angiograms.

7/91-7/93 Adjunct Clinical Professor of Optometry NEWENCO

1/98-3/01 Supervised and evaluated optometry students in a fourth year clinical

rotation. Taught clinical skills such as indirect ophthalmoscopy,

gonioscopy, differential diagnosis of ocular disease, and vision therapy.

2/17-4/19 Taught VT labs at NECO



04/22 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – VT for Strabismus/Amblyopia”

03/22 48 hr VT course, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

11/21 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

06/21 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision and Learning”

06/21 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

04/21 “OEP Clinical Curriculum _ Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

03/21 48 hr VT course, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

03/21 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision related Learning Problems”

11/20 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

09/20 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

06/20 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

06/20 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

12/19 48 hr VT course, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

11/19 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

10/19 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”


06/19 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision and Learning”,

Manitoba, Canada

03/19 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

01/19 “VT Surprises”, KISS meeting

10/18 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

10/18 12 hr course “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision

and Learning”, Toronto, Canada

09/18 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

09/18 6 hr VT course, ‘Seeing Space’, Heart of America Meeting

06/18 6 hr VT course, “Visualization and Visual Imagery”, Sutton

Meeting, Denmark

06/18 ” OEP Clinical Curriculum – Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

05/18 ” OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

04/18 “Optometric Management of Concussion”, “Visualization and

Visual Imagery”, Manila, Philippines

03/18 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

02/18 “Effective Strabismus Therapy”, Northwest Congress of Optom

01/18 “Therapy for Perceptual Reversals”, KISS meeting

01/18 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

12/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

11/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

10/17 6 hr VT course “Visualization in Vision Therapy, Heart of

America meeting

08/17 “VT for Toddlers” OEP course

06/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

05/17 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision and Learning”

05/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

02/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

01/17 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Strabismus/amblyopia”

11/16 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

09/16 “Vision Related Learning Problems” COMOF meeting, Mexico

09/16 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Art & Science of Behavioral Optom”

06/16 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

05/16 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

02/16 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Vision Related Learning Problems”

09/15 “Visualization and Visual Imagery” COMOF meeting, Mexico

06/15 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

05/15 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

03/15 “OEP Clinical Curriculum -Art and Science of Behavioral Optom”

02/15 “OEP Clinical Curriculum – Visual Dysfunctions”

06/14 “The Art and Science of Behavioral Optometry”

09/12 “The Art and Science of Behavioral Optometry”

07/12 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision Therapy and

Learning”, “Epigenetics of Autism”, and “Neuroscience Tips for the Day”


at Australasian College of Behavioral Optometry, Melbourne, Australia

and Rotorua, New Zealand

04/10 “A Model of Visual Imagery”

01/08 “Visualization – The Critical Link Between Vision Therapy and


04/05 “Vision Related Learning Problems”

05/04 “Vision, Learning, and Autism”

10/02 “Vision and Learning”

12/01 “Evaluation of the Child with Learning Problems”

04/99 “Optometric Rehabilitation”

11/97 “Vision Related Learning Problems”

02/97 “Headaches, Eye Strain, and Computers”

09/93 “Evaluation of the Optic Nerve Head in Glaucoma”

09/92 “Differential Diagnosis of Glaucoma”

11/90 “Laser Treatment of Eye Disease”

10/89 “Preop Cataract Evaluation and Ultrasound Lab”

10/88 “Cataract Surgery and IOL Implantation”


Mailing Address

Southboro, MA 01772
United States


Dr. Robert Hohendorf, OD

Dr. Hohendorf is one of the pioneers in the development of our OEPF Clinical Curriculum Education Program.

Dr. Hohendorf is a graduate of Illinois College of Optometry (1975), where he participated in an intensified vision therapy protocol under the tutelage of Doctor’s Coleman, Hatfield, and, Leo Manas. After graduation, he practiced in Kentwood, MI, in a full scope practice until 2003, when he moved to Wyoming, MI and established a multidisciplinary clinic, The Vision and Sensory Center. He retired from active practice in 2017.

He is a past-president of the West Michigan Optometric Association and past chair of the Michigan Optometric Association’s Vision Therapy Committee. He is currently a First District Governor of District 11-C-1 LIONS Club in South West Michigan. He participates in LIONS of MI “Project Kidsight” and Establishing District 11-C-1’s “Reading Between the Lions” programs. He has served on the boards of his local Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Kent County Board of Head Start as its president from 1993-1994. He has been a consultant to several local schools and the local professional basketball team, the Grand Rapids Hoops. He was the first OD to receive hospital privileges at Spectrum Health System in their rehabilitation division.

His activities include local, statewide, and International speaking on vision care. He was an Instructor for the Optometric Extension Program Foundation’s Clinical Curriculum. He is currently an Instructor Emeritus and OEPF Education Committee chair. He is a lifetime member of the Michigan and American Optometric Associations.


1966 – 1968 Pre Medicine-Curriculum Central Michigan University

1968 – 1970 United States Army (Honorable discharge Sp 5 rank)

1970 – Present Member of Michigan Optometric Association
4 Years State Vision Therapy Chair

1972 – Present Optometric Extension Program Member

1985 – Present: State of MI Director

2000 – Present, Chair of Clinical Curriculum Development

1972 – Present Member of American Optometric Association (50-year recognition)

June 1975 Graduated Illinois College Optometry

August 1975 – Jun 2018 Licensed State of Michigan

1972 – Present Michigan/American Optometric Association Member (Life Member

1975 –2017 West Michigan Optometric Association Member (President 3 Years)

August 1975 Worked with D.B. Schondelmayer, O.D., Grand Rapids, Michigan

1975 – Present Optometric Extension Program Clinical Associate
State of MI Director 1980 – present

January 1977 Opened South Kent Vision Services Private Practice

For 2 Years Vision Consultant to Lowell, Michigan School District

For 3 Years Consultant Grand Rapids Hoops (CBA)


1990 – Present Formed Partnership & Founded South Kent Vision Center, P.C.

1992 – 2011 Associate Member College of Optometrists in Vision Development

1992 –2003 Baltimore Academy of Behavioral Optometry Board Member

1994 – 1995 President of Michigan Family Resource (Kent County Head Start)
3 years Board Member, last year Chairman of Board of Directors

1996 – 1997 Consultant to post concussion treatment program – Spectrum Health Downtown Campus (formerly Butterworth Hospital)

2014 – 2014 Consultant to the post-concussion treatment program (Blodget Hospital)

1998 – 2002 Consultant to Huntington Woods Elementary School – Wyoming,

2003 – 2020 Chairman of OEP Curriculum Development (now Education)

2004 – 2010 Formed Vision and Sensory Center LLC combining OT, SLP,
Psychology, Nutritional and Optometric Referral Care

2012 –2015 Sold VSC and became part time employee

2000 – 2014 Charter Member Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA)

2013 – 2016 Staff Privileges at Spectrum Health, Blodgett Campus, Acute
Rehabilitation Unit,
Grand Rapids, MI

2016 Retired from Clinical Practice

Lion of the Year, Wyoming Lions Club
1980-81 and 1991-92

LION of the Year, MI District 11-C-1

OEPF Armand Bastien Award
Significant International Accomplishments in Behavioral Optometry
ICBO, Ontario CA, April 2010


OEPF International Lifetime Achievement Award
ICBO, Sidney Australia April 28 2018

OEPF A M Skeffington Award
Highest OEPF recognition
June 2020?

Vision & Learning: Grandville, Michigan School District
Council of Exceptional Children
Byron Center, Michigan- Intermediate School District
Saginaw, Michigan Intermediate School District
CHAD (Kent County ADD Association)
State of Michigan Vision & Learning Conference
Huntington Woods Elementary School Wyoming, Michigan
Michigan Council for Exceptional Children
Central Woodlands School (Forest Hills School District), Vision
and school achievement
Gray Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Primary Care of the Pediatric Patient
Michigan Optometric Association Members
Grand Rapids. MI

Vision & Head Injury Rehabilitation
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital (Drivers Training
Rehabilitation) Grand Rapids, MI
Butterworth Hospital, Spectrum Health Hospital System
St Mary Hospital, Mercy Health Center

Post Concussion Syndrome – The Hidden Injury
Holland, Michigan

Optometric Extension Program Clinical Curriculum Instructor (BABO)– (1998 – 2022)
A) Behavioral Vision Care – Five-day course
History, Theory, and Research and Application
A) General Skills Development – 5-day Vision Therapy Course
B) Vision and Learning – 5-day Vision Therapy Course
C) Strabismus and Amblyopia –4 Day Vision Therapy Course
Courses have been personally taught in Canada, Mexico City, Copenhagen
Denmark, Lillehammer Norway, Athens Greece, New Zeeland, at multiple
sites in United States and Australia

Optometric Extension Program Foundation Course (2005-2014) 6-day courses

Auburn CA, Austin Texas, Hilliard Ohio, San Marcos, CA,
Roswell GA, Manchester VT, Baton Rouge LA., Nashville TN,
and Raleigh NC

More Then Meets the Eye – (November 13 – 14, 1998)
West Michigan Occupational Therapists
Grand Rapids, MI


Vision and Head Injuries – (12/01/2001) Grand Rounds
Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital
Grand Rapids, MI

Vision the Emergent and Performance Testing (March 2-3 2001)
Telford England

Vision Screenings, amblyopia, and patching treatment (Sept 7 and 11, 2001)
MI Department of Health – Vision Screeners Training
Frankenmuth, MI and Traverse City, MI

VT – Voodoo or Viable (September 5 and 9, 2003)
MI Department of Health – Vision Screeners Training
Frankenmuth, MI and Traverse City, MI

How Vision Affects Learning (A behavioral Optometric approach with Treatment
OEP NE Congress
Worcester, MA Sept 19-20, 2004

How Vision Affects Learning: A Behavioral Optometric Approach with Treatment
OEP SW Congress
San Antonio, Texas

A Functional, Behavioral Look at Strabismus (May 29, 2005)
Quebec Optometric Symposium
Montreal, Canada

From General Practice to Vision Therapy Only Practice (September 2005)
OEP Middle America Optometric Congress
Pittsburgh, PA (Sep 2005)

Principles of Prescribing for Hyperopia (April 2006)
International Congress of Behavioral Optometry (ICBO)
Sydney, Australia

Prescribing for Myopia (Nov 25-26, 2006)

Danish optometry and Contact Lens Society (DOKS)
Middelfart, Denmark

Lowering the Burner Settings for Successful Visual Therapy (May 20-21, 2007)
British Assoc of Behavioral Optometrists (BABO)
Warrick, England

Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation (May 31, 2007)
Worth Rehabilitation Network
Kentwood, MI

Vision Therapy and How It Applies to TBI Patients ((July 17, 2007)
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo Case Management Association
Muskegon, MI

Vision and Learning (April 23, 2008, May 8 2008 and Aug 28, 2008)
In service to GR educators
Grand Rapids, MI

Vision and How It Applies To ABI
Spectrum Health Outpatient Staff (Nov 14, 2009)
Spectrum Health Rehabilitation Department (Nov 24 2009)
Head Injury Assoc of W MI at Calvin College (Dec 13, 2009)
Spectrum Health Butterworth Campus (2013 and phase two in
Mercy Health, St Mary Hospital (2014)

“So, What Has Vision Done for Me Lately?” (2Hr)
Plus “Strabismus and Amblyopia”
Maine Optometric Association – Bar Harbor, Maine
June 6 th 2009

Vision and Learning
East Minster Preschool – Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 12, 2009

So, What Has Vision Done for Me Lately (1 Hr)
Mid Atlantic Optometric Congress
October 24th 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
Student Assembly Southern College of Optometry
Memphis TN
February 2010, July 2011

“How” lecture ICBO

Western University College of Optometry
Ontario, CA
April 11th 2010
Mid Atlantic Optometric Congress
Oct 2010
Pittsburg, PA

4/2011 “How” and “Suppression” lecture
Reading Seminar
April 28th-31st , 2011
Harrisburg, PA

2011 11 11 “Suppression” and “A Prism Opposite Technique with a Marsden Ball”
Mid Atlantic Optometric Congress
Pittsburgh, PA

2013 02 Featured Co-speaker at Great Lakes Optometric Congress,
Chicago Illinois
Six hours on various topics.


2013 “Clinical Aces”
Heart of American OEPF Congress Kansas City
Sydney, Australia

2017 12 Connecticut

2013 09 26 Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation (BAOF), Amsterdam,
“What has Vision done for me lately?”

2014 09 “Principles of Prescribing”
ICBO Birmingham, UK

2016 11 “Principles of Prescribing”
Burleigh Heads, Australia

2017 10 “Evaluating Patients and Prescribing Lenses”
Heart of America Congress OEPF Kansas City

1995-2017 Annual one-hour lectures at MI Vision Therapy Study Group Meetings

2020 “Clinical Aces” 2-day OEPF Webinar


1999-2022 Annual OEPF Alumni Webinar Meetings



Mailing Address

Robert Hohendorf
South Kent Vision Center PC
3977 Maple Street SW
Grandville, MI 49418
United States

Dr. Virginia Donati, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Virginia Donati, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Virginia Donati graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada in 2002 with a degree in General Sciences. She then graduated the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2006 with a citation for Clinical Excellence and the Student Award in Clinical Ethics from the American Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO).

Since that time, Dr. Donati has been involved in the ongoing process of expanding Vision Therapy in Canada. She was the founding Vice President (2014-2017) and current President (2018-2021) of Vision Therapy Canada (VTC). The mission of Vision Therapy Canada: “As Canadian Optometrists, we are dedicated to enhancing optometric education and public awareness of Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation to improve the lives of our patients”.

Dr. Donati lectures to optometrists who are interested in learning more about Vision Therapy and is involved extensively in training of Vision Therapists. She is the lead instructor for VTC’s Practical Vision Therapist Accreditation Program (PVTAP).

Dr. Donati serves on the College of Optometrists of Ontario’s Quality Assurance Committee as an assessor of clinical records, is a clinical associate of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF), is involved in the “Eye See Eye Learn” program in Canada, is board certified in Vision Therapy as a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), and is engaged in the instructor development program with the OEPF.




2021 – PRESENT
Offsite clinical instructor for third- and fourth-year optometry students during clinical rotations

2006 – PRESENT
General Optometry
Special interest in binocular vision and vision therapy

2018 – PRESENT
Instructor for delivery of the OEPF’s Core Curriculum of Vision Therapy Training for Optometrists and Vision Therapists

2019 – 2020
Created online training module for the Canadian Certified Optometric Assistants (CCOA) program which trains staff members how to understand and manage in-office Vision Therapy

2015 – 2017
General Optometry
Special interest in binocular vision and vision therapy

2013 – 2014
General Optometry

2006 – 2013
General Optometry

2006 – 2008
General Optometry


APRIL 2018

MAY 2006

MAY 2006

MAY 2002

Student Award in Clinical Ethics, 2006
Awarded by Americal Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO)
Gurwood, A. Contributed by Donati, V. “No Complaints. No Problem?”
Review of Optometry, December 2010. Web.
Donati, V and Gurwood, A. 2005. “A Case in Clinical Ethics”
Optometric Management, Vol 40:3, pgs 73-74, 103.
Gurwood, A. Contributed by Donati, V. “Would You Look at That?”
Review of Optometry, August 2005. Web

President, 2019 – Present
Vision Therapy Canada (VTC)
Vice President, 2014 – 2018
Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation (COVT&R)
Clinical Associate, 2013 – Present
Optometric Extension Program Foundation
Assessor, 2010-Present
Quality Assurance Committee, College of Optometrists of Ontario (COO)
Member, 2006 – Present
Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO)
Member, 2006 – Present
Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO)


Mailing Address

Virginia Donati
Bolton Optometry Clinic
12 Parr Blvd Suite 12
Bolton ON L7E 4H1


Dr. Jeffrey J. Lant

Dr. Jeffrey J. Lant, or “Dr. JJ” as many call him, lives in Lake St. Louis with his wife, Heather, and three children, Lucy, Garrett, and Nolan. He grew up in Wyoming and then attended Brigham Young University graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After undergraduate school, Dr. Lant and his family moved to the Memphis, TN area where he attended Southern College of Optometry. After graduation in 2012, they moved to the St. Louis area to be closer to his family.

After practicing primary eye care for several years and seeing patients that needed to be referred for Vision Therapy, Dr. Lant felt a passion for and saw a need for this service in the greater St.Charles County area. He pursued more education and training through the Optometric Extension Program and completed all their Clinical Curriculum courses. With this and previous experience and training he founded Four Circles Vision Therapy.

Dr. Lant enjoys spending time with family, watching and playing basketball, and mountain biking.

Shout out to our OEPF Faculty!

To become a fully accredited OEPF faculty instructor, candidates have to go through a rigorous selection and screening process, and this starts even before being admitted as an instructor-in-training. The whole qualification process from start to finish to become an OEPF instructor takes approximately 8 to 10 years or more to become qualified to teach OEPF clinical curriculum courses. To qualify for all four courses the time will be even longer and requires a rigorous investment of time and resources from all OEPF faculty.

Read more about our procedures and training that is needed to become accredited OEPF clinical curriculum instructor.

Recent Clinical Curriculum Testimonials

Check out our upcoming Clinical Curriculum Courses and Seminars. They are HYBRID! You can choose to attend them in person or over the internet. A&S is now a COPE accredited CE course

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The Art & Science of Optometric Care

“How everything simply linked together. The AH-HA moments. The tools and now at our hands reach to build on, to experiment with and to marvel at the change that’s possible in each and every person’s life. I’m very excited. So COOL 🙂

Speakers easy to follow, held my attention, concise to the point presenter.

Dr Geoff did a wonderful job at changing my model of vision. Like him, I was ready to let go whatever school model of vision was with me. It completely changed my perspective in prescribing and excited to put it into practice back at the clinic. I can say that I am more confident in prescribing now, knowing the power ranges available, and that there is no specific lens for each person. Like he always say, “It’s not what the lens does to a person, but what the person does to a lens”. I understood vision in a behavioral perspective and answered my ‘whys’ to every patient case I have encountered.”

September 2021

The Art & Science of Optometric Care

“That the behavioral model of optometry has been around for so long and yet many of us were not taught this way in school.”

Briana Bohn, OD
January 2022

The Art & Science of Optometric Care

“I loved working through the Skeffington model and attaching meaning to the realm of optometry and treating the patient as a whole organism rather than just treating the eyes.”

Vassiliki Prattas, OD
January, 2022

VT/Visual Dysfunctions – (VT-1)

“It was interesting to learn about procedures that I was not familiar with, and also how to adjust a procedure or program for a child vs. and adult vs. an athlete, vs. a child with learning challenges. It was also wonderful to see a variety of “patients” performing the procedures during the course, both adults and children, and to hear and see their responses (especially since we were not able to have the experience in person).”

Cathleen Doucette, OD
February 2022

VT/Visual Dysfunctions – (VT-1)

“I want to add VT into my practice and felt this would best prepare me.”

Sarah Moreau, OD
February 2022

VT/Learning Related Visual Problems – (VT-2)

“I attended VT1 and realized I needed to know more.”

Jamie Kueber, OD
February 2022

VT/Learning Related Visual Problems – (VT-2)

“Variations of treatment techniques and protocols for different practices.”

Laura King
April 2022

VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3)

“I find the theory behind hyperopia very interesting as it is very different from what I learned at school but I like this way of thinking much more. And getting to see the therapy demonstrated in real time is always great to better understand.”

Lindsay Gallowitz, OD
April 2022

VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3)

“The idea that many vertical deviations are a result of a horizontal strabismus, and can improve when the horizontal component is taken care of.”

Jennifer Sanchez, OD
April 2022


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