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Under the auspices of OEPF, every 4 years we bring together an educational and information-sharing conference, ICBO, for a community of like-minded partner organizations and participants, which believes that in working together, we are stronger in supporting behavioral optometry and vision therapy worldwide.

This ICBO is co-hosted by OEPF and VTC.

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What is ICBO

Under the auspices of OEPF, every 4 years we strive to bring together an educational and information-sharing conference for a community of like-minded organizations, which believes that in working together, they are stronger in supporting the behavioral optometry and vision therapy community worldwide.

ICBO is the general collective name under which these international organizations meet, irrespective of their own identities and structures.

It will not seek to replace or compete with its member organizations.

ICBO’s Goals

  • To be a collaborative stage for research, breakthroughs, and discoveries that shape the future of behavioral neuro-optometry.
  • To connect with innovation and forge new pathways that redefine the possibilities of human perception and cognitive development.
  • To come together as a global VT community, celebrating our vibrant diversity while advancing the frontiers of vision. Regardless of background, expertise, or perspective, we welcome all who share a passion for advancing the frontiers of vision, cognition, and well-being. 

9th International Congress of Behavioral Optometry

14 -17 August 2024 | Ottawa, Canada

Co-hosted with Vision Therapy Canada

ICBO’s Education Program Track Highlights:

ABI/TBI | Neuro | Pediatrics | Practice Management | Research | VT/Wellness | Hands-on Workshops and More

Registration Is open

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ICBO Keynote: Prof. Susana Martinez-Conde and Prof. Stephen Macknik

Join us at ICBO: The International Congress of Behavioral Optometry, where neuroscience meets the art of magic! Prepare for a mind-expanding experience as we present renowned neuroscientists and authors, Prof. Susana Martinez-Conde and Prof. Stephen Macknik. Discover the captivating world of neuromagic as they unveil the secrets behind illusions and the mysteries of perception.


In “Champions of Illusion,” Prof. Martinez-Conde will showcase mind-boggling illusions selected from their Best Illusion of the Year Contest, delving into the powerful impact these images have on our minds. Meanwhile, Prof. Macknik, in his presentation “Sleights of Mind,” will explore the intersection of neuroscience, cognitive illusions, and stage magic, revealing why magic tricks work and how our perception can deceive us.


To learn more about the power of the brain and perception, be sure to watch the following videos: Our Brain: Perception Deception and Our Brain: Who’s in Control.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain insights from their groundbreaking research, featured in prestigious publications worldwide. Reserve your spot now at ICBO and unlock the extraordinary connections between the brain, illusions, and magic!


ICBO Keynote: Dr. Norman Doidge

Dr. Norman Doidge is a highly accomplished psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, essayist, poet, and author of two New York Times Best Sellers. With an impressive background in academia and clinical practice, he has made significant contributions to the fields of psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and neuroplasticity. Dr. Doidge’s work has garnered recognition and awards, including best book awards and scientific accolades such as the 2017 Sudbury Medal for Leadership in Mental Health award. 


He is renowned for his ability to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts to a broader audience, as evidenced by his numerous articles and appearances in media outlets. Additionally, Dr. Doidge has produced acclaimed documentary films that explore the fascinating world of the brain’s capacity to change and heal. As a sought-after public speaker, he has delivered keynote lectures at prestigious institutions and conferences worldwide, further disseminating his research and insights.

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