Counterpoint: Questioning the Value of VT “Homework”

Gregory Kitchener, OD

 The assignment of specific VT procedures to be completed as “homework” is frequently included in descriptions of VT.1-6 The primary rationale for this inclusion seems to be that if repetition is a necessary element of the therapy, more repetition through homework is better. Naturally enough, this follows a line of thought in the field of education where acceptance of homework as an element of school programs is nearly universal. Our personal experience with required homework in our formal schooling may have established a model that we glibly adapt to our VT programs.


While optometrists did not originate the concept of homework, if we are going to exploit the practice, we should understand it. Although little research is available on the role of homework in VT, there is some research on perceptual learning, and there is significant literature on the efficacy of homework in educational programs.