Editorial: Looking Forward

Marc B. Taub, OD, MS

An opportunity to cre- ate something special was what I was given only 18 months ago. I was named Editor-In-Chief (EIC) of the Journal of Behavioral Optometry (JBO); only the third person to hold this illustrious title. I worked my entire career toward this goal and con- sider myself lucky to be trusted with such an awesome responsibility.

With the help of so many people, I am happy to say that the JBO has become all that I have hoped and much more. The articles that are being published are of the highest level. There are research-based and clinically-related articles, case reports, guest editorials, and viewpoints. The history of developmen- tal editing begun under Editor Emeritus Irwin Suchoff has continued; authors new to writing have been able to find their voices. The number of international authors has increased, and we are reaching into parts of the world that have been previously silent.