Guest Editorial: 25 Years of Memories

J. Baxter Swartwout, OD
Robert A. Williams, LHD

 If you search the “Journal” section on the OEP website ( you can find every article and editorial published in the 23 volumes of the Journal of Behavioral Optometry (JBO) since 1990. Leave the ‘author’ and ‘title’ fields blank and click ‘apply.’ Twenty-nine pages of articles come up with about 18 articles per page. Do the math. That is well in excess of 500 articles in about 140 issues. That makes over 2000 pages of information from some of the best and brightest in the field. If you figure 20 hours of writing and editing (probably a low estimate) per article, that is over 10,000 hours of focused, concentrated effort on the part of hundreds of people to bring you, the JBO reader, the OEP Associate, meaningful content, and hopefully a few smiles along with a tear or two.