JBO - Volume 21 - Issue 6 - Optometric Management of a Patient with Parietal Lobe Injury

Appears in issue JBO - Volume 21 - Issue 6

Iskander, Dina
Cohen, Allen
Kapoor, Neera

Acquired brain injury (ABI) is an umbrella term referring to sudden-onset, nondegenerative, and non-congenital events, that alter neurological function. Following ABI, any or all of the following aspects
of sensorimotor vision function may be impacted negatively: accommodation, vergence, versional ocular motility, visual-vestibular interaction and/or visual field integrity. Therefore, optometric management
for those with ABI requires an understanding of the underlying associated neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. This paper further presents a neuro-optometric evaluation and management approach for
those with ABI, specifically parietal lobe injury, exemplified by a case report.