JBO - Volume 22 - Issue 1 - Perceptions of Elementary Teachers about Vision and Learning and Vision Therapy

Appears in issue JBO - Volume 22 - Issue 1

Hinkley, S.
Schoone, E.
Ondersma, B

An online survey was distributed throughout Michigan to examine the perceptions of teachers concerning the connection between vision problem detection, academic achievement and vision therapy intervention. One hundred fifty four elementary teachers representing 22 counties throughout Michigan participated in
the anonymous online survey.  All of the Michigan elementary teachers who responded stated an awareness of the connection between vision and academic achievement and 86% had recommended at least one child for a comprehensive vision examination. Squinting was the most common reason for this recommendation.   Of the participants 81.9% reported witnessing improvement in students who had  undergone vision therapy; 94.9% stated that their schools had a vision screening program in place while 35.1% were unsatisfied with the current system; and 93.4% agreed that mandatory eye examinations prior to kindergarten would benefit both the students and the school.  Most participants (86%) believed that the state or federal government should enact a mandatory comprehensive eye examination program.