JBO - Volume 22 - Issue 6 - Does Performance on the ReadAlyzer Correlate With Performance on “Symbol Check” Activity for the Nintendo DS?

Appears in issue JBO - Volume 22 - Issue 6

Romsdahl, Erik, OD

Background: Computer vision therapy programs have been shown to be effective in the treatment of oculomotor disturbances across many age groups, including school aged children. Claims concerning the ability of the Flash Focus game for the Nintendo DS to improve visual function have not yet been substantiated in the literature although mass marketing has commenced. The Symbol Check module on Flash Focus was compared to a valid and reliable measure of eye movement, the ReadAlyzer. The goal was to determine if the score obtained on Symbol Check was related to eye movements.

Methods: Thirty-three subjects from an optometry school student population performed both the ReadAlyzer and the Symbol Check module on the Flash Focus game on the Nintendo DS.

Results: Regression analysis of fixations on the ReadAlyzer versus total score on the Symbol Check task demonstrated minimal correlation (r= 0.227, r2=0.051)

Conclusion: As computers and video games become increasingly prevalent, it seems prudent to evaluate any possible adjunct therapy tools that may be viable. This pilot study found minimal correlation between the total score of the Symbol Check task from the Flash Focus game and the number of fixations from ReadAlyzer analysis.