You can choose to attend this course either virtual or in person.


Should you want to attend in person. We have reserved a block booking for the group. The hotel is close to Dr. Donati’s office. You will be responsible to make your hotel and flight reservations personally and are responsible for all charges. Fee for the group is CAD 159 per room/per night plus taxes. Fee includes breakfast.

Hotel reservations must be made by booking online through this link or by calling the hotel directly at 905-857-9990, or Hilton Reservations at tel:1-877-461-1402. If you call the group reservation the group reservation to refer to is: OEP FOUNDATION .

Regardless of how your reservations are made, room reservations must be made no later than 5/3/2022 (Junu course). After that date, the hotel may offer unused rooms held in our block to other customers. Reservations requested by you after the cutoff date will be accepted based upon availability by the hotel.

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