Participants Should Bring These Items

Participants should bring these items:

– Patch (preferably fogged or translucent)
– Hart Charts (small accommodative targets and large)
– Red and orange colored pencils and markers and sheets of white paper
– Stick and Straw
– Marble and/or coin
– Penlights
– Pencils (2) with interesting pencil toppers
– Bull’s eye Focusing target
– Loose lenses (maybe a -4.00 and +3.00) mainly to use for understanding lens properties
– Accommodative Flippers that the participant can actually focus themselves
– Brockstring
– Red/Green Glasses (preferably where they can remove a filter if need be)
– Polaroid Glasses
– Hand Mirror
– Quoits – so they can do the demonstration the same time I am presenting it
– Prisms

    • Loose square prisms (various powers maybe between 1^ up to 30^)
    • Popsicle prisms – if they want to see how these work
    • Prism Bar
    • Prism flippers – powers that can actually achieve sensory fusion with themselves
    • Rotating prism goggles (maybe a set of 8^ in each eye well and a set that has 15^ in each eyewell)


If you don’t have everything, we can always improvise.

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