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  • About the Doctor:She suffered a brain injury herself in her 20's and became fascinated with how the brain works (both how it is intended and when things go wrong). She has devoted her life to discovering the best possible ways to treat the brain using visual pathways. She has also built a strong network of other providers to help when vision is not the only problem.
  • Doctor’s Name:Amy Thomas
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    We strive to find the root source of a person’s vision problems to provide the most effective and permanent treatments as possible.

    Q What programs do you offer?

    We start by evaluating with a visual skills exam that involves 1 hour of pretesting and 1.5 hours with the doctor. In this exam, we determine the diagnoses, explain them to the patient, and determine the best possible course of action to include:
    1. Therapeutic lenses: these are special lenses that stimulate certain parts of the brain and relax others to allow the brain to feel more comfortable and better heal itself. The lenses are typically prescribed to be worn as full-time as possible for one month. The patient returns to clinic after that month to modify the prescription. This is then repeated monthly. The typical timeframe depends on the severity of the injury and patient participation in other necessary treatments like aligning the skull and spine, resolving gut issues, and ergonomic support. Typical times run from 6 to 12 months.
    2. Vision therapy/rehabilitation: when the brain must learn or relearn certain visual skills, we place them in this program. This one involves 30-60-minute sessions that are held 1-3 times per week and depend on severity of the issue. Typical programs can run from 6 to 48 sessions.
    3. Cold laser: this program is usually added when a brain is resisting healing due to lack of energy or immune support
    4. Ionic footbath: this program is usually added when a brain is resisting healing due to toxins that must be removed
    5. Sensory Learning Program: this program is added when a brain is resisting healing due to an autonomic imbalance (fight-or-flight)

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