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  • Doctor’s Name:Les Alsterlund, OD
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  • About the Doctor:My story begins when I was two years old and got my first pair of glasses. The eye doctor diagnosed me with amblyopia or “lazy eye”. I also remember wearing an eye patch as a young boy. In and out of the eye doctor’s office all my childhood, perhaps I was born to be a developmental optometrist. Entering optometry school, I was not aware of how much the vision system affected learning. I too, believed the myth that 20/20 eyesight was perfect vision. Then I attended a special lecture my first year of school that really opened my eyes. The speaker talked about how optometrists can help change the direction of a child’s life by retraining dysfunctional vision skills. With the vision roadblocks removed, a child’s ability to learn could change from a lifetime of struggle to success. Once I learned about vision therapy, I was hooked. I couldn’t unlearn what had inspired me. I spent the last three years of my education working in a private practice to learn vision therapy and gained a lifelong mentor along the way. I went to work doing vision therapy right after graduation in 1999 from the Illinois College of Optometry. In 2003 I started the Learn to See Vision Clinic and became board certified by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in 2007. I am very proud of my patients. To complete a vision therapy program takes commitment and hard work. I love hearing patients’ transforming stories as they begin to experience the change in their inner confidence and performance! In 2006 I was called up to Active Duty in the Army Reserves. I examined soldiers with traumatic brain injury and attended a symposium on the concussion crisis with our returning vets. That experience was also the spark for me to apply functional optometry to concussion rehabilitation. Many concussion patients with lingering vision symptoms have been able to reclaim parts of their lives they had lost. It is very rewarding work.
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    The Learn to See Vision Clinic is a unique optometry practice nestled in a Minneapolis neighborhood, close to the river. Dr. Les Alsterlund provides comprehensive functional vision evaluations that allow him to understand how patients are using their vision. Patients gain a thorough knowledge of their visual abilities and individualized treatment options. The clinic specializes in the use of therapeutic and stress relieving lens prescriptions, vision therapy, and other treatment options.

    Dr. Les focuses primarily on patients with vision-related learning concerns and concussion rehabilitation, but also provides general eye exams to guide proper vision development and function. Dr. Les combines the longstanding practices of behavioral optometry with current research in neuroscience to give his patients the opportunity to succeed.

    What sets the Learn to See Vision Clinic apart is the individual attention that Dr. Les gives to each patient. He is expert, coach, and cheerleader, guiding patients through their treatment, providing all the services personally.

    Throughout the vision therapy program patients report noticeable improvements in reading ability and comprehension, school/work performance, and self-confidence. They also observed increased spatial awareness and sports abilities, with a decrease in headaches, eye strain and other debilitating symptoms.

    Is your vision system working for you or against you?

    Many people experience hidden vision disorders beyond 20/20 acuity. These vision disorders often go undetected and get in the way of daily life.

    • Are you the parent who wonders why you fight a nightly homework battle? Or if your child was mislabeled with a learning disability, ADD or dyslexia?
    • Have you suffered a brain injury and are trying to accept visual disturbances as the new normal?
    • Are you needing relief from the constant eyestrain of computers or other electronic devices?

    A hidden vision problem may be getting in the way.

    Contact the Learn to See Vision Clinic…it will be an eye opening experience!


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