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  • Doctor’s Name:Amy D. Pruszenski, OD, FCOVD
  • About the Doctor:Amy D. Pruszenski, O.D. originally started Visual Victory Training Center as part of her family eye care office, Harbor Eyecare Center, P.C., located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire since 1998. Dr. Amy, as her patients call her, received vision therapy at the age of six for amblyopia and convergence insufficiency. She considers it her life mission to help others who suffer with similar issues receive the help they need to succeed in life and open up opportunities by eliminating the visual roadblocks to their success. Visual Victory Training Center is dedicated to developmental and rehabilitative vision services which includes vision therapy. Our patients range in age from young children with vision problems that interfere with reading and learning to senior citizens who have suffered vision problems due to brain injury or stroke. Dr. Amy is affectionately called the Eyeball Coach, because she and her staff are able to coach people on how to use their eyes correctly. Through vision therapy they are able to overcome the vision problems that were interfering with their ability to achieve in life. Dr. Amy graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science. She graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1993 and was the first recipient of the Alumni Association Young Optometrist of the Year Award in 2003. She is past president and a current director of the New Hampshire Optometric Association, and past Healthy Eyes/Healthy People coordinator for the American Optometric Association (AOA) in New Hampshire. Dr. Amy also serves the local community as President of the Portsmouth Lions Club.
  • 2nd Doctor’s Name:Nikolas Moore, OD,
  • About The 2nd Doctor:Nikolas Moore, OD, received his Doctorate of Optometry, graduating with honors from the New England College of Optometry. As part of his training, he has helped patients at the VA in Bedford, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Lynn Community Health Center, Martha Elliot Health Center, and others. Dr. Nik is passionate about enhancing the quality of life and academic potential of his patients through vision training and other visual rehabilitation services."
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    Dr. Amy Pruszenski, or “Dr. Amy” as our patients affectionately call her, has had a special interest in children’s vision for more than 14 years.  Most children respond well to Dr. Amy and are put at ease when they arrive in the office which has been designed to look like a living room with soft couches and a play area.  No matter how old your child is or if he or she has special needs, your child should feel comfortable and cared for.

    Often when people are not able to see 3D movies or have problems with depth perception, they can also have visual challenges related to reading and/or working on a computer.  Dr. Amy provides visual skills evaluations for children and adults who have difficulty with reading, learning, balance and/or movement. 

    The type of vision problems which are treated in our office include:

    • eye coordination
    • tracking disorders
    • “lazy eye”
    • amblyopia
    • crossed eye/eye turns
    • and vision disorders related to head/brain injuries.

    In addition, many children have been referred to our office for the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of strabismus (eye turn) and alternative treatment for amblyopia (lazy eye) that doesn’t require constant patching.

    New research has found that there is no age limit to treating eye turns and amblyopia.  More and more adults are seeking treatment because they have had a number of surgeries and still have difficulty seeing.  While these types of cases can be more difficult, help is still possible.

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