ICBO: A Coming Together of International Behavioral Optometry

 In September of 2014, the 7th Quadrennial Meeting of the International Congress of Behavioural Optometry (ICBO) will be held in Birmingham, UK. I have been waiting four years since the meeting in Pomona, California ended; I can’t explain how excited I am! Yes, it is just another optometry meeting in that there are speakers, a poster session, and a vendor fair, but it is so much more. Let me explain with the use of David Letterman’s famous Top Ten List!

Optometric Management of Persistent Diplopia Status Post Scleral Buckle Surgery: Two Case Studies

 Background: A scleral buckling procedure repairs retinal detachments by indenting the sclera under the retinal breaks. One of the complications is diplopia, which typically subsides once the muscle heals. Persistent diplopia lasting longer than three to six months is reported in 0.5% - 25% of patients.

Counterpoint: Questioning the Value of VT “Homework”

 The assignment of specific VT procedures to be completed as “homework” is frequently included in descriptions of VT.1-6 The primary rationale for this inclusion seems to be that if repetition is a necessary element of the therapy, more repetition through homework is better. Naturally enough, this follows a line of thought in the field of education where acceptance of homework as an element of school programs is nearly universal.

A Vision in Narrative Medicine

 Background: Narrative medicine (NM) is more than just an approach to medicine; it is an approach to human contact. The field developed mostly during the 1990s and has emerged from a variety of similar concepts such as patient-centered care, literature and medicine, and relationship-centered care. The method by which NM is practiced and the fields where it is applied vary greatly across the country.

Everyone Needs a Work Spouse or Two!

 Hi, my name is Marc, and I cheat on my wife. No, no, no, not in a bad way, I promise. I have a work wife. Actually, I have two work wives, and my wife knows about each of them. What, you may ask, is a work wife? Well, it is a co-worker, usually of the opposite sex, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds similar to those of  a marriage. You may be wondering how these relationships developed.

Visual Attentional Deficits in Reading Disability

 Background: Dyslexia, also referred to as specific reading disability, is a condition where an individual demonstrates a level of reading that is significantly below what may be expected for his age or intelligence. Although the phonological deficit theory of dyslexia is widely accepted, there is accumulating evidence suggesting that at least a subset of dyslexic subjects demonstrate distinct visual attentional deficits.