Dear VT Community Members,

We are thrilled to announce the call for submissions for our prestigious OEPF Awards to be presented at the upcoming ICBO Congress, August 14-17) is now open!
These 5 awards recognize the remarkable contributions of individuals within the vision therapy community. We invite you to submit nominations for the following awards by the deadline of June 30th.

Award Categories:

  1. Skeffington – Alexander Award
    • Recognizes professional status, membership in relevant organizations, and extensive professional experience.
    • Focuses on contributions to the field of optometry, particularly behavioral optometry and vision therapy.
    • Eligibility: Licensed optometrist with a minimum of 10 years of professional experience.
    • Conditions:
      • Professional Status: Nominees must be licensed optometrists in good standing.
      • Membership: Nominees should be Clinical Associates of OEPF or affiliated with an organization that aligns with OEPF’s mission.
      • Experience: A minimum of 10 years of professional experience in the field of optometry.
      • Contribution to Optometry: Significant contributions to the field of optometry, specifically in behavioral optometry, vision therapy, or related areas.
    • Selection Criteria:
      • Professional Achievements: Evaluation of career achievements and advancements in optometry.
      • Innovative Contributions: Impact of the nominee’s work on advancing the field, including innovations in practice, research, education, or public service.
      • Leadership and Mentorship: Evidence of leadership roles and mentorship within the optometric community.
      • Community Involvement: Engagement in community service and public health initiatives related to vision care.
      • Ethics and Professionalism: Adherence to high ethical standards and professionalism in practice.


  1. Skeffington Legacy Award 2024
    • Honors individuals who have provided outstanding service to OEPF and the broader optometric community.
    • Emphasizes the principles of Dr. A.M. Skeffington.
    • Conditions:
      • Significant Contributions: Outstanding service to OEPF and the global optometric community, including advancements in understanding, education, and application of vision therapy and behavioral optometry.
      • Recognition of Service: Dedication and commitment to Dr. A.M. Skeffington’s principles and contributions to education in behavioral optometry.
      • Professional Involvement: History of involvement with OEPF, including participation in educational programs, publications, and research.


  1. OEPF Emerging Behavioral Vision Therapy Practice Award
    • Emphasizes the nominee’s dedication to behavioral vision therapy and the positive impact they have on their patients.
    • Eligibility: The nominee must be an OEPF alumnus and/or OEPF certified, demonstrating a connection to the OEPF community.


  1. OEPF Rising Star Award in Vision Therapy Entrepreneurship
    • Focuses on the nominee’s entrepreneurial achievements and their ability to grow and innovate a vision therapy practice.
    • Eligibility: The nominee must be an OEPF alumnus and/or OEPF certified, demonstrating a connection to the OEPF community.
    • Conditions:
      • Entrepreneurial Achievement: Started their vision therapy practice or played a key role in significantly expanding and innovating an existing practice.
      • Business Innovation: Introduced innovative business strategies, technologies, or services enhancing vision therapy.
      • Dedication to Vision Therapy: Commitment to advancing the field of vision therapy, including participation in OEPF events, continued education, and research contributions.
      • Impact on Practice: Evidence of practice growth, patient satisfaction, and overall success due to entrepreneurial efforts.
      • Recommendations: At least two recommendations from colleagues, mentors, or patients attest to the nominee’s entrepreneurial skills and impact.


  1. Therapist OEPF Rising Star Award in Behavioral Vision Therapy
    • Eligibility:
      • Must be a VT therapist actively working in a therapy practice focusing on behavioral vision therapy.
      • Must be an alumnus of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) Clinical Curriculum.
      • Preferably holds OEPF-TH certification.
    • Criteria:
      • Demonstrated excellence in patient care within the field of behavioral vision therapy.
      • Commitment to the principles and practices promoted by OEPF.
      • Evidence of innovative approaches or significant contributions to behavioral vision therapy.
      • Active participation in continuing education and professional development related to vision therapy.
      • Positive impact on patients’ lives through effective treatment and compassionate care.

Submission Guidelines:

We encourage you to take this opportunity to recognize the dedication and achievements of your colleagues. Your participation is crucial in celebrating the excellence within our community.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to the field of vision therapy.

Warm regards,
Eric Hussey
Chair OEPF Board

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