OEPF Clinical Associate Therapist CA-TH Program

Welcome to the OEPF Clinical Associate Therapist CA-TH program! We are excited to have you join us as we work to provide high-quality care to patients in need.

As a Clinical Associate Therapist, you will be an integral member of our community. Your role as a vision therapist involves working closely with patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Through our education programs, books, and products, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, gain hands-on experience, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) is not a membership organization, it is a Foundation that thrives thanks to the generous contribution made to it by our family of Clinical Associates and Clinical Associate Therapists.

The role of OEPF is to facilitate interactions and foster innovations involving education, experience, research within a dynamic network of professionals. As a Clinical Associate Therapist, you enable us to further this commitment to professional growth and development – for everyone.

We are committed to supporting your development and growth as a healthcare professional. We invite you to take advantage of the training and resources we provide to help you succeed in your role, and we hope you will enjoy the collaboration and the inspiration provided by your colleagues.

We look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals.


The information below outlines many of the tangible benefits of joining our community of Clinical Associates (CA) and Clinical Associate-Therapist (CA-TH). (Note a Clinical Associate is an optometrist).

Your enrollment in OEPF goes beyond the personal benefits you receive directly. It makes you also part of a global “family” of Clinical Associates (CA/ CA-TH), who continue to advance human progress through research and education on vision, the visual process, and optometric clinical care. We work tirelessly to connect you with these colleagues, provide one-of-a-kind continuing education experiences, facilitate access to research within the profession, and overall support the profession! The OEP Foundation has been providing these benefits for over 90 years!


OEPF thanks to your support uses your donation to:

– Provide residents with free enrollment during residency.

– And an additional one-year free enrollment upon graduating.

– Allow therapists to participate in our courses at a reduced rate.

– Allow students, therapists in training, and residents to attend CE courses either free or for a greatly reduced fee.

– Continue to be the only publisher for professional books and publications.

– Sponsor research in our field.

– Publish for free the Optometry and Visual Performance Journal (OVP)

In return for your support, we offer you rewards like discounted registration at all our education offerings, discount to our products, access to our CA-TH only Dashboard and much more!

After you choose your enrollment type, you will automatically be taken to the link that gives you access to CA/CA-TH only part of the website and your benefits. You will also receive an email for future log in. Remember: always sign into your CA/ CA-TH rewards login page on the website. When signed in, all discounts will automatically be applied to every order and course registration, no coupon codes needed.


A sample of current CA/ CA-TH rewards:

             10% discount on all CE courses

             10% discount on all OEPF products

             Priority registration to clinical curriculum courses, regional clinical seminars, etc.

             Priority access to OVP articles before publication

             Free online access to a compilation of historic OEPF publications and archives

             Free online books

             Individual doctor info with practice information listed as mini website

             Free marketing assistance with Google AdWords for your listing

             Map directory listing (only for CA’s)

             Free job postings

             Free marketplace postings


Reviews of other CA-TH’s:

“The Optometric Extension Program Foundation wanted to further support and nurture the professional development of optometric vision therapists by providing the Clinical Associate Therapists Membership level and extended an invitation to me to join. It is an honor to become the first Optometric Vision Therapist Clinical Associate of OEPF. Every day we encounter more and more patients who desperately need vision therapy services, often with very complex issues. Having access to the clinical resource materials that OEPF has available is invaluable in developing and executing strategic vision therapy treatment plans. It is so exciting to see more opportunities for optometric vision therapists to expand their repertoire of VT Tools and grow their knowledge. Thank you OEPF!”

Tom Headline, COVT


“Thank you so much for allowing us a CA Therapist Membership! I will proudly be signing up as a Clinical Associate Therapist every year now. You give us so much value through courses and networking, it is well worth it. Courses help me feel current in my knowledge and my experience becomes more well-rounded every year because of the team at OEPF.


Next year, I’m vying for first sign-up though, haha! “

Megan Howard, CCOA VT

MSE, Focus and SSP Certified Practitioner

Vision Therapy Works Coach

AYA Ontario representative

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